MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is coming December 2018, will have 4-player co op


MechWarrior 5

During MechCon 2017 in Vancouver, Piranha Games president Russ Bullock took to announce that MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, the return to some singleplayer MechWarrior, is arriving in December of 2018.

A return is marked by MW5, although MechWarrior hasn’t had a singleplayer game for over 15 years. When I saw Piranha Games in the summer time, Bullock reported this could be “the same sort of activity simulator people were wanting for 15 decades.” Ditching the effort of the main games, Mercenaries will include a campaign where their own mercenary company run and can explore the Inner Sphere and fight to get its Great Houses they enjoy.

MechWarrior 5 will have Steam Workshop mod support and co-op. Bullock says that, instead of using AI teammates on a mission, you will be able to recruit a friend.

I had a chance to play with the latest build of MechWarrior 5 in MechCon yesterday and really enjoyed my time using it. Despite a few AI, it fights feels fun and punchy. Bullock even found me today to say he agrees about the weak AI of the demo and assure me it was one of the highest priorities for the team.

You can check out MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries’ new website here.

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Sea of Thieves is getting a beautiful Xbox One controller


Microsoft has flaunted an honestly excellent custom controller it has concocted for Sea of Thieves.Rare’s pirate-themed action-adventure game Sea of Thieves sandbox game is launching very soon, on 20th March, but this controller will be available even sooner – on 15th February.


Featuring a “translucent design” and “laser-etched barnacles”, the controller also has its own hidden treasure in the form of one single golden trigger (it’s the right trigger, if you’re wondering) as well as a nautical design on the rear of the controller. The front face of the controller has as its centerpiece a glow-in-the-dark skull wearing an eyepatch, and continuing with the nautical theme, the left control stick has the appearance of a compass.

Batman: The Enemy Within now available for Android & iOS 

Telltale Games has finally released their highly awaited game – Batman: The Enemy Within – for Android and iOS devices and its first two episodes are now available to download.
The studio plans to release three more episodes of the game to conclude the saga that follows Batman shedding his vigilante persona to unravel the mysteries behind Gotham’s underground crime syndicate.

Batman: The Enemy Within’s first episode is free to download on Android and iOS while the second episode is available as an in-app purchase, a model that will continue with the next three unreleased episodes.

Download Here

Steam VR developers can now access Microsoft’s mixed reality platform

Microsoft has announced that its Mixed Reality platform is now open to SteamVR developers, which means they can now test their VR games on Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets.

According to a report from TechCrunch, consumers will also gain access to Microsoft’s preview program during the upcoming holiday season. The announcement essentially means that WMR headset owners will soon be able to download VR games from Steam’s rich library of VR titles.Regarding the initiative, Valve programmer Joe Ludwig said, “Working with Microsoft to include SteamVR compatibility with these devices is also a big step in growing VR as an open platform for developers and consumers.”

FIFA 18 launched worldwide. 

EA Sports has officially launched the latest edition of their popular football game, FIFA 18, which claims to provide an unbeatable gaming experience. The game will be offered in three variants viz FIFA 18 (Standard Edition), FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition and FIFA 18 Icon Edition.

fifa 18FIFA 18 has been launched in major markets across the globe today, but it will take a few more days for the game to reach the Indian market. EA Sports has partnered with Amazon India to sell the game through its shopping portal and the title will be up for grabs starting October 3 in India.

Shadow of war – Now available on android & ios

Warner Bros. has finally released the mobile version of their highly awaited game Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and it is now available as a free download on both the Play Store as well as the App Store.


 game is set in the same mythological world as the acclaimed Lord of the Rings series and follows the journey of a character named Talion in his quest to defeat Sauron and his army. The hack-n-slash game boasts of stunning graphics and excellent gameplay weaved into an exciting storyline.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has debuted to a solid 4.2-star rating on the Play Store and has been praised for its visual appeal and combat mechanism.

Xbox Smart-watch

Back in 2013, there were rumours that Microsoft was planning on launching an Xbox branded smartwatch. However, the Redmond giant tested a few prototypes and probably decided that it wasn’t a great product.Now, images of one of these prototype Xbox smartwatches have leaked out on the internet, and it looks a lot like the Apple Watch. Funnily enough, the Apple Watch was released two years later, in 2015. Maybe… just maybe, Microsoft’s smartwatch could’ve been huge had the company decided on releasing it to market. The specs certainly were decent:

  • 6GB storage
  • Magnetic connectors on the back
  • 1.5-inch display
  • Replaceable watch-straps

Whether or not Microsoft missed out on the smartwatch ship, we may never know, but I find it hard to believe that it’d have done the company any harm.

Defense Zone series  now free on Google play store

Tower defense games have spawned a genre of their own, thanks to the adrenaline-rush they provide when the real combat begins. If you are a fan of such games, the season of gifts has arrived early for you, as all three games in the popular Defense Zone series have now gone free on the Play Store.

Defense Zone HD, Defense Zone 2 HD and Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD, which have an aggregate 4.5-star rating and normally cost Rs. 190 each, can now be downloaded for free.

The titles boast of eye-catching graphics and a smooth gameplay, that will keep you hooked to the game for a long time. Download the games and get ready to defend your position against a swarm of challenging enemies with explosive weapons.

Ubisoft Refreshes the Assassin Creed franchise with a new mobile game

Ubisoft’s latest offering in the Assassin’s Creed franchise features familiar faces like Ezio and Aguilar, but that’s all that it borrows from the previous games. 

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is a turn-based strategy RPG for mobile which promises a completely new experience for fans of the franchise.Users can choose from more than 40 familiar characters from various titles in the franchise, 

who they have to train to defeat the Templars. Additionally, users can develop a fortress, craft new equipment, gather resources, and collect DNA fragments to unlock new heroes.

As of now, an unreleased version of the game is available on the Play Store (Free), but Ubisoft is expected to push out the final release sometime soon.