Call of Duty themed PS4s launched by Sony

The Tokyo Game Show was kicked off by Sony a day before the actual start with the announcement of upcoming games and two new themed PlayStations. The customized PS4s and DualShock controllers are detailed with Call of Duty: World War II and Monster Hunter World artwork.

The CoD-themed PS4 releases on November 3 and carries a camouflage design on the casing while the controller is military green. The second themed unit, titled PS4 Pro Monster Hunter World: Liolaeuse Edition, depicts a flying wyvern (Rathalos) on the casing while the DualShock controller is detailed with Monster Hunt engraving atop a red base and will be available starting December 7.

The CoD PS4 will carry a 1TG hard drive with a copy of the game inside and will sell for 39,980 yen (~₹23,100), while those picking up the 49,980 yen (~₹29,000) Monster Hunt variant will have to wait until January 26, 2018 for the game to launch. Both the themed PS4 will initially be available only in Japan.

EA Games will no longer be Amazon Exclusives in India

EA is likely to end its two-year long trend of launching games exclusively on Amazon India. Zupitex, a Delhi-based distributor, is preparing to supply EA titles for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch to offline retail stores across India.

As reported, Zupitex will distribute existing and upcoming titles including Battlefield 1, FIFA 18, Need for Speed Payback, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 in India. The “Ronaldo Edition” of FIFA 18 will, however, sell exclusively on Amazon India. But, the games sold offline will be priced ₹300 higher i.e. at ₹4,299 compared to Amazon India’s ₹3,999 price tag which may force retailers to import stocks of games instead of buying via Zupitex.

AI learns how to Re-Create Games  by Observing Someone Play

Unlike other popular AI in the market, which are capable of analyzing and learning video games to beat professional players, a group of researchers from Georgia Institue of Technology is working on observing video games to re-create them in real time.

The team published its findings in a paper titled “Game Engine Learning from Video” in which it is detailed how the AI observes a game and then re-creates it without the actual code at hand. The game engine is currently capable of re-creating legendary titles like Super Mario Bros, just by watching someone else play it.

Although the renders created by the research are not user-friendly, it is possible that the AI engine might start making its own games in the near future.

Steam just hit 15 million concurrent users

Steam, the gaming service that plays host to games such as Counter Strike, Dota, and PUBG among others, just announced that earlier today, the service had 15 million concurrent users – a new record.Previously, Steam has had 14 million concurrent users on the service. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also set a new record today, with 1.3 million concurrent users on the game. PUBG surpassed Dota’s record of 1.29 million concurrent users.

Into the dead 2 release globally on 13th October

Popular zombie-themed endless runner, into the dead, which has extra than 70 million downloads on ios and android, is prepared to get hold of an motion-packed sequel. New zealand based developer, pikpok, lately discovered that into the lifeless 2 builds up on its predecessor and consists of a “narrative arc”.
The approaching game could have a deeper tale, more sort of gameplay, a big arsenal of weapons, and difficult terrain. The game may have seven chapters unfold across 60 degrees with hundreds of challenges to hold customers engaged. Players will even have a brand new dog companion to help them fend off the horde and cinematic cutscenes for an immersive experience.Into the dead 2 might be available on each ios and android starting thirteenth october. You may also pre-check in for the game on the play store.

Cyanide & Happiness adventure game

Immensely popular darkish humor webcomic and youtube channel, cyanide and happiness, has correctly crowdfunded its first online game on kickstarter. The game, dubbed the cyanide and happiness journey recreation, is presently in development and is anticipated to launch in december next yr.The organisation at the back of the cyanide and happiness series, explosm, has raised $377,287 on kickstarter with the assist of over 10,000 backers, with 20 days left earlier than the campaign ends.The cyanide and happiness journey game might be a point-and-click game wherein gamers will play as a group of excessive faculty college students that live in the cyanide and happiness universe all through the apocalypse.

“Intelligent Delivery” feature is coming soon for Xbox One

keyboard & mouse support

microsoft is running on a brand new xbox characteristic – “Intelligent Delivery” – on the way to permit customers to manage their console’s garage efficaciously by breaking down game information into “chunks.” it’s going to additionally allow customers down load best important elements of a sport while not having to download the title completely. Sport builders may be capable of “tag” non-compulsory chunks of games, giving users the liberty to pick which parts they need to download. For instance, english-speakers can bypass non-english audio tracks. In addition, players who very own the xbox one could download most effective 1080p assets at the same time as xbox one s and one x owners with 4k tvs should pick to download handiest 4k property.The clever shipping gadget will even allow players to shop important documents at the primary disk whilst optionally available chunks may be saved on up to fifteen extra hard drives.

Rocket League’s Autumn Update to Pc

The popular game rocket league, is prepared for a massive overhaul with the autumn replace that is scheduled to arrive on 28th september. The fall update trailer lately hit youtube and it highlights all of the exciting changes coming to the sport, along side the start of the game’s 6th competitive season.The autumn update includes transparent goalposts, an ai-powered director mode for spectating aggressive games, and most significantly, lan play for laptop.Autumn update will add new arenas for exhibition and personal suits, a brand new unfastened seasonal location, some constrained-time events, uncommon object drops, and new customization options in your vehicles.

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INJUSTICE 2 coming to PC

I N J U S T I C E  2

Popular preventing game, injustice 2, which has to this point remained distinct to the playstation  and xbox, will quickly make its way to desktops if current listings of the sport on retail web sites are some thing to go through.
Amazon’s french subsidiary recently listed the sport’s pc version on its legitimate internet site. The list did now not point out the release date or pricing of the game, but it did reveal that the computer model will be the deluxe version of injustice 2.Every other list of the game changed into noticed on dutch store gamemania’s internet site, which disclosed that the sport’s pc version will bring a rate tag of €49.98 (~rs. 3,850) and is probably launched later this 12 months.

Nintendo to launch Metroid Reboot on 15th september

Nearly three decades since the original Metroid launched on the NES, Nintendo is all set to release a 2D reboot of the action platformer. The reboot, aptly named Metroid: Samus Returns, is headed to the Nintendo 3DS and will be launched on 15th September.

Metroid: Samus Returns will feature the protagonist from Metroid II, Samus Aran, who travels to SR388, the home planet of the Metroids, in order to destroy the parasitic monsters. The game starts off with a limited arsenal of weapons and abilities for the protagonist, with new items being added as the player progresses.

Nintendo is expected to release the game on other platforms like Android, but the company has revealed no information regarding the matter yet.