Xbox Smart-watch

Back in 2013, there were rumours that Microsoft was planning on launching an Xbox branded smartwatch. However, the Redmond giant tested a few prototypes and probably decided that it wasn’t a great product.Now, images of one of these prototype Xbox smartwatches have leaked out on the internet, and it looks a lot like the Apple Watch. Funnily enough, the Apple Watch was released two years later, in 2015. Maybe… just maybe, Microsoft’s smartwatch could’ve been huge had the company decided on releasing it to market. The specs certainly were decent:

  • 6GB storage
  • Magnetic connectors on the back
  • 1.5-inch display
  • Replaceable watch-straps

Whether or not Microsoft missed out on the smartwatch ship, we may never know, but I find it hard to believe that it’d have done the company any harm.

“Intelligent Delivery” feature is coming soon for Xbox One

keyboard & mouse support

microsoft is running on a brand new xbox characteristic – “Intelligent Delivery” – on the way to permit customers to manage their console’s garage efficaciously by breaking down game information into “chunks.” it’s going to additionally allow customers down load best important elements of a sport while not having to download the title completely. Sport builders may be capable of “tag” non-compulsory chunks of games, giving users the liberty to pick which parts they need to download. For instance, english-speakers can bypass non-english audio tracks. In addition, players who very own the xbox one could download most effective 1080p assets at the same time as xbox one s and one x owners with 4k tvs should pick to download handiest 4k property.The clever shipping gadget will even allow players to shop important documents at the primary disk whilst optionally available chunks may be saved on up to fifteen extra hard drives.

Mouse & Keyboard Support Coming Soon for X-Box One

keyboard & mouse support

keyboard & mouse support For XBox One

We were still waiting to see when Microsoft officially launch keyboard & mouse support for its most successful gaming console XBOX, but it was all just leaks and rumors but now during a meeting at PAX WEST XBOX PLATFORM Mike Ybarra says – “Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming. We have to be very smart in how we do that. We’ll leave it a lot up to developer choice. A lot of people tweet me and say “you can’t do this because of fairness,” and we understand that. We run two platforms; the Xbox platform, and the Windows platform.

And so, when we bring keyboard and mouse, we’ll coach developers and say “look, you’ve got to think about your multiplayer pools, if you have a competitive game, people are probably going to want the choice to say I’ll play with other keyboard and mouse people or I’ll play only with controller people, or that I’ll play with any of those.

keyboard & mouse support
keyboard & mouse support

So you’ll see our first games supporting keyboard and mouse soon, I can’t announce what that is, but soon. And based on developer interest, they’ll choose to do keyboard and mouse, or not

we are very excited when Microsoft really launch its Keyboard & mouse support and I can’t be waiting anymore.

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