Different Skills Taught by Different Card Games

The culture of playing card games for entertainment is common in India. Different games are popular in different parts of India. Each game teaches the players a unique set of skills. These skills help you tackle everyday problems with ease too. Here we have listed out the most popular games of cards and how they help build many different skills in an individual:

Indian Rummy

The most common card game in India is surely Indian rummy. This game is played in many styles and forms in different parts of India. Here we have listed out some of the skills you learn as you play Indian rummy with near and dear ones:

  • Organising Skills

It really does not matter which variations of rummy you play at your home. Any variation of rummy games is bound to teach you some organising skills. This is because all good rummy players arrange their cards to plan their moves correctly.

  • Probability Skills

A rummy player cannot hope to win unless he possesses some probability skills. A good player remembers the cards in his hand and the cards disposed by the opponent. These help him decide the probability of getting the winning cards and he decides the moves accordingly.

  • Intuitive Skills

The intuitive skills or the gut feeling is something you develop over a period of time. As you play rummy with friends and family, you develop intuitive skills through the game. This is a definite plus as intuitive skills help you make right decisions.


This is a four-player game commonly played in different parts of India. In this game, the main of the bidding team is to acquire the bid and also try to acquire as many 10s or mindis as possible.

Here are some skills you may acquire by playing Mindi regularly:

  • Assessing Body Language

In Mindicoot, 10 is of great importance. As a player receives a few mindis, his expression may reveal his happiness on the same. A good player can assess body language and plan his own moves in accordance.

  • Accounting

Since Mindicoot is a game of bids, the players need to keep count of the points acquired. This helps them get better at accounting skills.


There are many different names by which this game is known but we may commonly refer to it as bluff. In this game, each player’s goal is simply to finish the cards in his hands. Here are some life skills you acquire as you play this game:

  • Risk Management Skills

Each time you place a false set of cards claiming it is a certain number, you are taking a risk. If you handle this part of the game well, you are acquiring risk management skills. These skills come handy in today’s professional life.

  • Courage

To take risk in a game requires a good deal of courage. As you frequently play bluff, you develop courage. This helps you handle life easily. Fears are a thing of the past when you are used to taking risks.

Teen Patti

Yet another game that requires a lot of risk-taking skills is Teen Patti. This is aa game of pure luck and is often played in the different clubs of India. This game teaches you to rely on luck and place your bid. Here are some sure lessons you learn through this game:

  • Control on Body Language

A person who lacks control on body language will surely lose a session of teen patti. That is why frequent players of this game have a sound control on their body language.

  • Risk Taking Skills

Since this game also requires you to bid and this can be risky, the game teaches you risk taking skills. You learn how to handle tricky situations. You also learn how to conceal your true emotions like fear or anxiety while playing the game.

There is no harm in playing cards if you are willing to take the right lessons from your games. Be it 13 cards rummy game or poker, every card game offer something new to learn. Grab this opportunity and learn now!

Author: Core