After having recalled review units and suspending the initial launch date for its revolutionary Galaxy Folddue to screen and hardware issues, South Korean tech giant Samsung has said that it will finally be announcing the release date next month.

Samsung could reportedly launch the remodled Galaxy Fold next month

The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Image: Samsung

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, Samsung is in the process of testing out the redesigned model with three mobile carriers in the US and has a release picked next month.

The two main problems in the Galaxy Fold concerned the hinge on the device and the protective layer on the device’s screen. For the latter problem, the report says that Samsung has put the protective plastic coating under the frame of the device, thereby making it really hard for a regular user to peel it off.

The hinge problem has been resolved by reducing the gap at the bottom which was the main reason for dust and debris to enter inside the phone.

The South Korean tech giant had postponed the handset’s launch for an unspecified period of time while it investigated several hardware-related flaws pointed out by reviewers. It said initial findings showed the issues could be associated with impact on exposed areas of the hinges


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