New vivo NEX 2 leaked images reveal the secondary screen

The Chinese company vivo is planning to launch the NEX 2 in the following days, and even though we don’t have an official confirmation, all signs lead to the date December 11. That’s when we expect to see the dual screen device officially, but as usual in the smartphone business, live photos were leaked ahead of schedule, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The user and tech blogger in China ophone8 posted plenty of photos of the vivo NEX 2 in two colors, showing its two sides, and there’s even a shot where the back is compared to the vivo NEX S.

vivo NEX 2 vivo NEX 2 vivo NEX 2 vivo NEX 2
vivo NEX 2

Although the phones are not powered on, we can see the miniature bezels on the front panel, while the back has a small screen, along with the vivo logo and the triple camera setup. It is in a circular module that we already know from previous teasers that it would have RGB lighting.

More vivo NEX 2 photos More vivo NEX 2 photos More vivo NEX 2 photos More vivo NEX 2 photos
More vivo NEX 2 photos

The vivo NEX 2 will arrive in at least two colors, going one step further than the vivo NEX S that was only available in Black but had neat RGB accents under different lighting. The color of the new phone will be seen mostly on the rim since actual screens occupy both the front and back. The new device will have USB-C on the bottom, while the 3.5 mm audio jack is safe and sound on the top.

Meanwhile, the company is already teasing the vivo NEX 2 on Chinese TV and social media, with the video above suggesting we’re about to see something that should belong to the distant future or that we should believe more in ourselves and to dream bigger or something else. Let us know what you think the video is saying down in the comments.


vivo NEX 2 to have 10GB of RAM, in-screen speaker, f/1.3 camera

The vivo NEX 2 will likely have 10GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 chipset. The information is confirmed by a Geekbench listing of a vivo V1821A device with the aforementioned credentials. Interestingly the vivo in question is also running Android 9 Pie, which would make it the first vivo smartphone on Android’s latest software.

According to a related leak, the main camera on the back of the vivo NEX 2 (one of three) will have an ultra fast f/1.3 aperture – claiming the spot of the smartphone with the widest aperture around.

As for the screens, rumor has it the main screen will be a 6.59-inch panel with screen sound casting tech (meaning you’ll hear calls through the screen itself, like on the first-gen vivo NEX) while the second display will be a 5.5-incher that will work independently. We know how vivo intends to switch between screens – with a three-finger gesture.

Finally the vivo NEX 2 will apparently come with a smaller battery compared to its rival. This could be due to the space required for the second screen. Of course the information could also be false.

vivo will likely announce the NEX 2 on December 11.


Samsung’s foldable phone could end up costing over $2,500

Let’s be frank here, we all knew this was coming. Foldable display tech, arguably the biggest smartphone revolution in years finally reaching end-user viable market status was bound to demand a premium. Especially in its first iteration and from a top dog, name-brand the likes of Samsung. Even so, $1925 – $2565 is beyond eye-watering. It is exuberant to say the leas

It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy F/Flex or whatever naming the Korean giant lands on will be a concept device, not really meant for the general consumer. Much like the Note Edge was back in the day when curved was the futuristic trend. That’s probably for the better too, since there were plenty of issues with that device and we can only imagine foldable panel implementations will be an order of magnitudes harder to perfect and really make viable. But, we digress.

Back to the mentioned figures. These come from a fairly reputable source. However, little extra info is offered. The biggest question in our mind is why the two price tags are so far apart. The only thing that springs to mind is at least a couple of models and storage tiers. Potentially size difference, although the foldable design could turn that concept on its head altogether. Apple’s current lineup has the entry-level 64GB iPhone XS at $999 and the top-tier XS Max at a $500 premium, so the variance is not unheard of.

We also can’t help but wonder why the quoted figures are so precise. Dare we even consider the possibility that these are actual production and parts cost calculations and not retail prices? We probably won’t get any sort of additional info prior to the first Flex Display actually hitting the market in at least some shape or form, which is said to happen some time in March 2019. The source of that particular release time frame also mentioned a price of about $1,770 (KRW 2 million in its homeland), while another carrier leak has also previously mentioned a GBP 2,000 figure for the top end model. In any case, no matter which source you decide to trust, you are still looking at prohibitively expensive price points.