24 Tech (and Tech-ish) Gifts Under $50 That You Can Buy on Amazon

Best tech gifts

Most people associate the best tech gifts with highest price tags. But there are plenty of great tech gift ideas that won’t decimate your holiday budget and can still make the most serious nerd’s life a little bit easier — like accessories for their new iPhone Xs, gadgets that’ll turn a regular home into a smart one, even an Alexa-enabled singing fish. And to make the hunt for these still-useful-but-not-too-expensive tech gifts a little easier, we found 24 of the best gadgets and gizmos to give your favorite techie this holiday season, all of which are under $50 and readily available on Amazon.

Tile Slim

Tile Slim

As thin as two credit cards, this Tile slides easily into a wallet or purse and will let them keep track of where it is through the accompanying app.

$28 at Amazon
Big Mouth Billy Bass – Compatible with Alexa

Big Mouth Billy Bass – Compatible with Alexa

America’s favorite singing fish is now a smarter than ever. This newest version of the Big Mouth Billy Bass is compatible with Alexa, able to lip-sync responses to voice commands. (But remember: They need an Amazon Echo device to make it work.)

$40 at Amazon
Eton The American Red Cross FR1 Emergency Weather Radio with Smartphone Charger

Eton The American Red Cross FR1 Emergency Weather Radio with Smartphone Charger

This hand-crank radio also has a built-in flashlight and phone charger, making it ideal to keep on hand in case the power goes out. Plus, it’s approved by the American Red Cross.


This game changing toothbrush is 50 percent off for Cyber Monday

Until I tried it, I never understood why anyone would use a $200 toothbrush.

I used to believe that a $1 toothbrush from the drugstore would suffice. Then, I tried a $20 electric Philips Sonicare toothbrush and never used a manual toothbrush again.

And my obsession with cool new gadgets escalated. For the past few months, I’ve been using a $200 Philips Diamond Clean toothbrush.

Now, it’s on sale for $100 as one of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals. So for anyone thinking about buying it, here are my thoughts:

Philips Diamond Clean Toothbrush, $100 (usually $200), Amazon

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Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean


The toothbrush connects to an app on my phone, shows me a 3-D view of my teeth and tells me which section of my teeth to brush for what period of time. The total brushing time always amounts to at least two minutes — the recommended brush time according to the American Dental Association. And my toothbrush app recommends that I brush twice a day.

It sends me alerts, tracks my progress and tells me which sections of my mouth I should be brushing more or less often. It holds a charge for months at a time. The toothbrush head fades when it’s time to replace it. I’m not sure whether or not my teeth are actually cleaner, but they sure feel clean.

Plus, I’m no dentist, so I can’t make any health claims. But what I can say is that my gums used to bleed when I would vigorously brush my teeth with a normal toothbrush. Once I started brushing with an electric one, I didn’t feel the need to scrub back and forth. The soft vibrations alone are enough to scrub the grime I can feel on the surface of my teeth. So now, my gums don’t bleed.

If you’ve been eyeing the Diamond Clean toothbrush or want to give someone a cool, high-tech gift, this Cyber Monday deal is probably worth it — after all, you’ll save $100.

In my experience, it’s a great toothbrush.