Apple Warned iPhones Have A Serious Problem

faces a new threat not only to its latest iPhones but every iPhone and iPad you can buy…

In short: the data on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 is not safe. This comes after an announcement from popular data recovery company DriveSavers that files on these devices can be accessed with “a 100% success rate”. Furthermore, unlike most security holes which are disclosed to Apple, this one is being kept secret.

Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XRApple

Why? Speaking to MacRumors, DriveSavers said it is building a service around the exploit and charging users up to $3,900 if they want to access locked devices. That said, the company stresses it is using strict identification protocols from customers to ensure they are not hacking an iPhone or iPad which doesn’t belong to them.

Whether or not you choose to believe DriveSavers about this, the problem is others may not be so ethical.

With DriveSavers keeping the flaw a secret to protect its new service, Apple has a major job on its hands to find and fix it. And until then, the race is on for more nefarious hackers to discover and exploit it …if they aren’t already.

And the prizes are high.


Samsung Galaxy A and M-series details emerge: storage and color options

The upcoming shake up of Samsung’s product lines is slowly being revealed through rumors. The latest is a summary of storage options and colors for the entry level Galaxy A and Galaxy M phones.

Samsung is reportedly seriously thinking about bringing White back as a launch day color option. But it seems that is reserved for the A-series, the cheaper M models will have a more limited palette. It’s not clear if any of these are gradient colors or not.

The naming will change as well, moving to with double-digit numbers – so SM-M205F will be Galaxy M20 not M2.

Interestingly, storage is quite generous, even something like the Samsung Galaxy M30 will come with 64GB as standard and offer a roomier 128GB option. That matches the Galaxy A50, which will be a more premium device.

Device Storage options Colors Additional model numbers
SM-A305F 32/64GB Blue, black, red, white SM-A305FN, SM-A305G, SM-A305GN, SM-A305GT
SM-A505F 64/128GB Blue, pink, black, silver, white SM-A505FN, SM-A505G, SM-A505GN, SM-A505GT
SM-M105F 16/32GB Blue and Dark Grey
SM-M205F 32/64GB Blue and Dark Grey SM-M205FN, SM-M205G
SM-M305F 64/128GB Blue and Dark Grey

It seems that all of these will be dual SIM phones, whether or not this means a hybrid slot (as in, one that also supports a microSD card) remains to be seen.

The Galaxy M-series will reportedly target emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia while the revamped A-series will be available in Europe. Note that Samsung is yet to start mass production on any of these models, so details may change.


Samsung and Niantic reportedly working on a Harry Potter game

Samsung scored a timed exclusivity on Fortnite and plans to continue featuring games as a marketing tactic. The smartphone giant is reportedly close to investing $40 million in Niantic, the maker of the highly popular Pokemon Go location-based game. But Niantic wouldn’t share Pokemon.

Instead, a Harry Potter game is planned, which will turn the S Pen into a magic wand. It’s not clear if this will be an addition to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (set to release in 2019) or a separate title. Reworking the existing game may the only way if Samsung wants it in time for the Galaxy Note10 (the Galaxy S10 will launch first, but it lacks the “wand”).

Niantic’s original game, Ingress, will also be part of the deal. Speaking of, the deal may be announced before the end of this year, though it sounds like neither company is in a hurry – insiders report that they want to see a bit more progress in the technical collaboration before making an official announcement.


Sprint and HTC to release a 5G “mobile smart hub” in H1 2019

Sprint and HTC announce that the two companies are working together with Qualcomm to launch a “mobile smart hub” in the first half of next year. No further details were given about what exactly this smart hub looks like or what it do. But Sprint says it will “deliver multimedia and connected data capabilities in a compact and portable design.” It could be have a built-in projector, perhaps?

HTC is going to deliver the second 5G product meant for Sprint’s future 5G network. The first one is going to be a smartphone from LG which was announced for H1 of 2019 as well, back in August. It’s going to be the first official 5G smartphone – as long as you don’t count the Moto Z3’s 5G MotoMod.

Sprint is going to rollout and launch its network over the first half of the year and the first markets to receive the rollout are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. with more markets expected to be announced.

It will be interesting to see how Sprint and T-Mobile’s 5G networks will combine once T-Mobile and Sprint merge into a single carrier. Back in April, CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere has said that he expects the merger to complete in Q2 of 2019.

Perhaps Sprint and T-Mobile are already working together on a 5G rollout that could easily be combines once the two companies become one – which we don’t expect to happen anytime soon. It took a while before Metro PCS customers were transitioned to T-Mobile towers back when the carrier acquired the pre-paid network


Images of Nokia 9 PureView covers & dummy claim a notch

So, images of a fresh new batch of Nokia 9 PureView covers have been sent to us by one of our tipsters and these for a change also have Nokia 9 PureView dummy. The dummy has a surprise for us in form of a small notch while so far we heard about Nokia 9 PureView coming without a notch from even trusted sources.

Anyways, another small but important detail revealed in terms of the Penta-Lens camera is the Zeiss branding though PureView seems to be missing. There are more images of the Nokia 9 PureView covers that has the same dummy with notch.


We last reported about appearance of Nokia 9 PureView cases with December 1 delivery promise on Amazon. You can read our complete Nokia 9 coverage here.

Nokia 9 details:

We have been reporting via our sources that Nokia 9 (2018) will bring a Penta-Lens camera setup and may also feature in-display fingerprint sensor. We have earlier talked about this Penta-Lens camera module in detail while joining all the dots, as Zeiss has patented a “Miniature zoom camera” with multiple lenses arranged in a circular manner. Recently HMD CPO Juho visited Zeiss lab and sought to tease about his visit on Twitter.

Nokia 9 may come with 5.9-inch, QHD resolution 3D glass OLED display and will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor, You can read probable Nokia 9 specs at our dedicated page.

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Gadgets: A sampling of cool holiday gifts

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Google Intros In-App Updates API For A More Seamless User Experience

Image result for Google Intros In-App Updates API For A More Seamless User ExperienceUpdating Android applications will likely become a much more convenient process for both end users and developers at some point in the not-too-distant future thanks to a new In-app Updates API introduced at this year’s Google-hosted Android Dev Summit. Set to begin rolling out “soon,” the new API has already been in testing with early access partners and fundamentally changes the way Android apps update. Namely, the company is looking to make updates a true ‘background’ process that happens in-app even if the end user is still using the app in question. There are two possible ways that can be implemented, which Google refers to as either an “immediate” in-app update or a “flexible” in-app update.

For the first of those, the immediate in-app update, a developer can have the new software install all at once, pushing users to a short-lived full-screen message that has to be waited-out while installation happens. However, under another option called “flexible update,” developers can effectively hot-swap code while the app is in use, leading to a more natural update flow wherein changes are incorporated without interruption. In either case, once the installation is completed, the app automatically restarts in a way that’s much more akin to a page refresh than a reset, with users placed within the app right where they left off.

Background: Aside from obvious benefits, the change will help developers incorporate updates so that the process becomes very much a part of their app in a much more integral way. However, that’s not the only new development the Android Dev Summit has brought to the table in terms of letting developers make things more their own. On the hardware side of things, Google also recently announced that it will be helping push the boundaries forward with system-level changes made in support of the expected incoming wave of flexible or foldable smartphones. In summary, Android OS will support two types of folding handsets. That will include those with two or more displays and those with a single panel that can be bent directly.

Fittingly, Samsung’s own Developer Conference event is running in conjunction with Google’s and that company has already revealed its own Infinity Flex display panels. Since the two company worked on the new UI and other API changes together, Samsung is likely to be among the first, but not the only, manufacturer to take advantage of those in the future. In any case, the announcement marks at least one other area where Google is working to help developers across the board create diversity in Android while simultaneously still keeping everything consistent.

Impact: In the meantime, there’s no immediate indication as to how the new API might affect more traditional installations. All installs will likely still be processed through the Google Play store in order to continue the company’s policies taking advantage of its threat scanning tools and Google Play Protect. What’s more, major changes might still require a more traditional update. Bearing that in mind, from a user’s perspective, the changes will undoubtedly seem much larger than that once developers start implementing In-app Updates API. The change will enable updates that almost feel seamless simply because they don’t require the user to leave an application and come back to a brand new app startup just to get new features or to see UI tweaks. In that sense, they’ll act more like server-side updates. At the same time, rather than having the Google Play Store install updates in the background, unseen and often unnoticed, developers will be able to lead end users’ attention first to the fact that an update has actually been installed.